Monday, September 3, 2012

Grease & Not The Movie! & Oh Those Free Road Side Scores!

So there's 3 reasons I've decided to forgo the fryers. 
Now don't get me wrong, I do love a giant Large size basket of french fries like they give you at the drive in ;) as much as the next person, but what you don't know or some of you do, but, 
to CLEAN grease(& this is the #3 reason)?

No one just raises their hand for the job, no one volunteers, & no one seeks the job title.

There's nothing at all fun about it. 
Its really quite gross to be perfectly non subtle about it!
& I was reminded of many years ago I moving into my first solo tiny studio apartment owned by my sister & Doug who's last tennent lived there for about 15 or 20 years & who never cleaned his kitchen. I remembered the grease. On the walls, on the tiny stove, on the cabinets, on the ceiling & on the shelves. 
Like, who doesn't clean for that many years when you are greasin up a place for pete's sake? 

Just in case you were wondering what visual representation I may have to offer on the experience of cleaning the Hood, here's but a few of what I dealt with. 
All in all it wasn't so horrible, & I offer you only the nicest ones to view,  just nevertheless, it was not pleasant to do & it took about 5 hours. 
In removing the fryers & cleaning the hood I can already smell a difference in the kitchen!
The difference it makes on the insurance rate played reason #2 for having no fryers. 

The biggest most compelling #1reason though, was to simplify
Yes, simplify
In making kitchen choices simplifying has been the mantra. 
We also chose to remove the electric griddle in our simplifying endeavors.  Just knowing that would have to be plugged in for 8-10 hours when being used nearly caused me to prematurely seek medication over the coming winter electric bill as the meter would tick non stop for those hours! So, yes, we still will have a Griddle!! But On the Gas Stove Top!

After enjoying the best Harvest Moon Festival this Labor Day weekend where our band played a steller Friday night performance if I may say ;)  I also happen to run into some freebies in Rutland & a yardsale in Stockbridge! All for a whopping total of $5, these were the Wild scores of Labor Day Weekend! 

         Now take notice of the Fern

This is a Gift
From a really nice neighbor & friend, 
Chad Merriss who is running 
a fraction of a mile from 
The Wild Fern!
How absolutely wonderful.
Wait till you see it hung up.
& wait till you Tube at his place in
Stockbridge, Vermont on
one of our beautiful glorious 
Summer Days next Year & 
then have Lunch & a Beer at
The Wild Fern!
I can already hear your plans being made ;)

 The Mirror was $1. 
Me? Not for Sale ;)

Luv from The Wild Fern?
Free as well. 

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