Thursday, August 30, 2012

All In Good Time

The Wild Fern got some free press this past Tuesday in the Burlington Free Press!!  Pretty sweet, huh? It was also the one year anniversary of Irene, the devastating Tropical Storm that came through & ripped Vermont apart.

The caption read:
"A new business, The Wild Fern, will be opening soon in Stockbridge as the town recovers from Tropical Storm Irene now a full year later." EMILY McMANAMY, Free Press

Perhaps The Wild Fern can bring together our Community.  Maybe it can become the town's heart center?  Maybe it will be a meeting place? A gathering for the community, a place to meet friends, farmers, neighbors, musicans, artists, jesters?? Jesters would be fun. What town has jesters they call their own? Throw in a few clowns & we will be bound for interesting & wild times!

All in all, I think we've done pretty good for a year's time. Nearby towns, Pittsfield & Rochester both celebrated a townwide party & came together as proud Vermonters standing strong & together. It's a really beautiful thing.

I wondered, as probably many others, why our town wasn't doing the same thing? Or something similar?
When I saw the few cars at the Stockbridge Town Hall on Sunday I wondered what was going on. About 3 hours later I heard the Govenor was there. I guess it had been in the paper, but there wasn't "talk" of it within our Community that I heard. & neither was a Celebration planned around it. I"m not sure how that made others feel, but I felt confused & a little sad.

in good time, we'll come together more often in Stockbridge.

The sign frame gets some fresh old scrap black paint!

Have you seen it yet?

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