Thursday, August 30, 2012

All In Good Time

The Wild Fern got some free press this past Tuesday in the Burlington Free Press!!  Pretty sweet, huh? It was also the one year anniversary of Irene, the devastating Tropical Storm that came through & ripped Vermont apart.

The caption read:
"A new business, The Wild Fern, will be opening soon in Stockbridge as the town recovers from Tropical Storm Irene now a full year later." EMILY McMANAMY, Free Press

Perhaps The Wild Fern can bring together our Community.  Maybe it can become the town's heart center?  Maybe it will be a meeting place? A gathering for the community, a place to meet friends, farmers, neighbors, musicans, artists, jesters?? Jesters would be fun. What town has jesters they call their own? Throw in a few clowns & we will be bound for interesting & wild times!

All in all, I think we've done pretty good for a year's time. Nearby towns, Pittsfield & Rochester both celebrated a townwide party & came together as proud Vermonters standing strong & together. It's a really beautiful thing.

I wondered, as probably many others, why our town wasn't doing the same thing? Or something similar?
When I saw the few cars at the Stockbridge Town Hall on Sunday I wondered what was going on. About 3 hours later I heard the Govenor was there. I guess it had been in the paper, but there wasn't "talk" of it within our Community that I heard. & neither was a Celebration planned around it. I"m not sure how that made others feel, but I felt confused & a little sad.

in good time, we'll come together more often in Stockbridge.

The sign frame gets some fresh old scrap black paint!

Have you seen it yet?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wall Paper? Who actually invented it?

Wallpaper is down! A few layers later & the job only took a few days! As I began, the repeat button in my head kept going off, "so who invented wall paper?

Well, as the internet would have it, Around 4000 B.C., the earliest known form of "paper" was introduced:  Egyptian papyrus.
As early as 200 BC, the Chinese having invented paper, were gluing rice paper on their walls. That's pretty old.
It arrived in America in 1739 & the history indeed goes on, but needless to say, it's one creative improvement many take to add dimension, depth, color, interest, etc to a wall space.

But, I'm going to stick with paint. I like Paint people!

So, Big thanks to Zoe, Ben, Meghan, Robin & Paige for helping me get this done! Thanks to Terry for the water/vinegar tip! It worked great! Except for the squirts in the eye!

And Zoe? Thank you for taking the innitiative to clean up! I'll take it when I can get it! &, GREAT JOB ON YOUR BEDROOM!! =)

what hands look like after tearing at wall paper!

what I look like after tearing at wall paper!  


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Word About The Biz & Drinks~

As most know, starting a business is firstly, SCARY! haha! oh yes it is! Second, there's a lot of legal stuff you have to figure out too. And then there's all the licenses, the tax accounts(say what?), the Liquor License plus a day spent in liquor control classes(seriously?) Oh & a health inspection! & I think someone told me the hood has to be inspected too. Geesh, it sure is a lot to just get some good food out to the PUBLIC.

Luckily for me I have some good friends on Stony Brook & one happens to be experienced in legal matters & helped me out with The LLC!
Thank you Greg! you rock! Not to mention, you brew excellent beer. And wouldn't it be awesome to have your finely crafted delicious beer on tap at The Wild Fern?
Well, the future looks bright, so we'll wait & see if Greg takes his brewing passion to that level =)

In addition to talking with Local Growers on Stony Brook(yes!!) Then there's lining up accounts with Non Local-Purveyors like Black River Produce & UNFI who proudly distributes King Arthur Flour! Yay!! Oh! &!! Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water! 

Have you tried this? excuse me while I rant about Coconut Water for a moment! It took some convincing! 

Rick has been on a manic search for delicious tasting coconut water since he visited Jamaica some years ago & a wisely handsome Jamaican expounded upon the wonders of coconuts to him.

His recent travels to California to play his music for The West Coast led him to a far off coastal stop where he discovered Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water.  

In his quest over the years, he offers a sip to me of the various brands he finds. NONE have ever suited my particular tastes!!! Its NO EXAGGERATION. 
In my mind, they all have been, well, let's leave it at, not very tasty, until THIS ONE. It is wonderful. Light, refreshing, & the pulp pleasurable to the pallet. I'm not exaggerating I promise.

These photos are shot by Rick Redington on his 
Trip To The West Coast!
& if you like these, just wait till you see what's coming from the aspiring young photographer.

We PLAN to carry Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water, yes it's true!

If you stopped by The Wild Fern for a Pepsi or Coke, well, you will be thirstily disappointed!
& Besides, you can stop anywhere for Corporate Sodas.
We will be brewing Fresh House Made Iced Tea & Squeezing Lemons for House Made Lemonade & perhaps there will be some Natural Sodas with sweet flavors like Black Cherry or Orange Cream. We are definitely searching for a Local Rootbeer, that I can tell for sure! So if you know of any, please let us know.

So, I'm hoping for a phone call from the sweet man Bob about a Health Inspection. I hear he's a groovy guy & likes to keep things clean ;)

Luv from The Wild Fern =)

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Wild Fern Presents: The Wild Fern!

OK OK Ok OK! OK!!! 

Someone said its all about timing. 

What the heck does that mean????? When IS the "right" time? 

& Who REALLY knows????

But Here We Go! 

The Wild Fern LLC 


The Wild Fern!!

I decided to open a restaurant aside from making menu decisions & getting licenses, LLC & such, what about coming up with a Sign?

One night Zoe was cleaning her room, or pretending to be anyway, & I was feeling antsy. I didn't have anything in mind other than the name of the place when I got out the mish mash collection of salvaged paint mistakes.
I started painting the name & this is what I came up with.

   A few days later I continued with my obsession & tried this out. 
I really liked the yellow in this one. 

I'm not claiming to be good at it people!!
I'm just having fun! 
& who doesn't want to have fun?? 

I seemed to have a theme going now.
But I don't know. 
People ask you what you want your sign to look like? 
Awesome? Inviting? Classy? Friendly? 
Not cheesy for sure.
Any & all of those work. 
The cheesy one is big, I'm not exactly a sign maker, not really a painter, 
I'm just trying to get something going with what things 
I have at my disposal but I don't want it 
to look ridiculous either. 

Now if it does & I'm sure it will to some,
I decided that ultimately everyone has an opinion. AND~
we all know about those~

So anyhoo, 
the pallets are scrap wood that cost a grand total of, get ready...........

There are tools like drills & things that 
I probably need to hang it up which I don't own. 
Not to mention,
for years(my whole life that is) I get screwdrivers(unless its a mixed drink;) 
& flatheads confused. 

My Partners In All Things Fun & Wonderful Came To My Rescue.

 Rick sported his crafty Tool Guy Look with his Assistant Ben & the two of them 
got the job done!

one would think he works & drinks for Long Trail, but no, he does not =)         


notice the ease at which the kid holds the drill. The Young Redington Wonder is also a mighty fine bassist at the mere age of 12 & also hits the drums with no fear & tremendous rhythm. Much like his Fathaaaa!   

we will soon post our first homemade commercial to demonstrate his talents!

father & son checking out their handy work. 

Then we set up the drum kit to test acoustics in the room, & decided to not have them ;) 
so instead, 
we put the drums & Ben(kids are amazing promo material;) in the front of the restaurant 
& he banged away for 2+ hours into the beautiful sunset 
while passersby honked & he counted them 
Mr.Aldridge(apology if misspelled;) who was
dressed to the Nines & had just repeated his
 60th anniversary wedding vows to his beloved 
Wife, stopped to check out what was going on
& tell us he can't wait!

We took that as a great sign for what's to come!


We even figured out that magic lights come on with darkness. 
Pure Genius.

So with that, 
it is a rather large 
Hope & Desire
will stop by
The Wild Fern 
at some point on another! 

Peace & Luv~

Heather ;)

PS. Its also one day after My Sweet Mama's 65th Birthday, August 19.
Happy Birthday Again Mama!
I love you!