Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

Dear People of the Universe,

What is Thanksgivukkah?
the convergence of Thanksgiving 
& the first day of Hannukkah 

Hasn't happened since 1888 
& it won't be happening again for 80,000 years.
In celebrating both traditions, "we are working together to improve society, to understand our differences & to make a stronger world."
For Everyone. 

It sounds like The Wild Fern to me. 

It's been over a year since I opened the Wild Fern, an idea that began in late May 2012.
An Idea that triggered fear, uncertainy & edgy hesitation all overlooked by excitement, happiness, genuine risk & an Unseen Force that brought to Life, The Wild Fern.

I had no money to open a business, had no business plan, knew I couldn't go into debt & knew the possibility of it being the worst thing I've ever chosen to do with my life could end up kicking me in my shins & send me into a depressed confused oblivion of, "was this on my bucket list too" ????" or, 
what the hell am I DOING NOW???

& I also did not know what exactly I would do to make it successful!

One year later we celebrated with an outdoor & indoor musical event 

we Fed Our People!
& heard a
bunch of Great Music!
& sold some really cool handsewn Locally Made One of a Kind
Tie Dyes! 




So I'm a "Homeschooled Way Past Highschool" kind of kid & opening The Wild Fern has brought a level of enrichment my brain, heart & soul glory in.

Everyday that I am Open & everyday that I survive, I am Learning, Learning, Learning! All The Time!!!
I also adapt, adapt some more, & just when I think there's rhyme & reason to the business, I adapt a bit more just to adapt!

And, I don't like it when my kid tells me I "think I know it all" (I never want to feel as though I know it all!) Frankly, I don't know it all ZOE! just a little more than you though ;)

I learn to change every day that I am open. I learned to believe & trust in faith that what I am doing is with good intention, lots of love, & a heartfelt belief that I can offer my Community a few simple commodities for their daily life. 

Like, Local Fresh Homemade Bread! & Pretty Good Music!!

I am very Thankful for my opportunity to own & operate The Wild Fern. 

The adventure has brought me incredible fulfillment, happiness, true joy, & occasionally a few pounds ;) 

I'm just trying to connect Folks. That's all. There's no secret password, no code, no membership due. 
I'm just being me & perhaps being me isn't what Stockbridge is looking for, but its what every single one of us want to be, Ourself. 

From one Heart to another Heart
I don't really care if you're 2,12, 84, 43, 18 or 26 years old, if you have lived in Vermont your whole entire life or if you are just passing through. 

I'm offering something that is really positive ,

made entirely with Love, 
Everyone is Welcome.  

From young to old, I welcome each person that walks into The Fern & I am always Thankful for their Business, their Support, their Faith, & even their perseverance.

I say perseverance because the Hours are not easy to remember, but also, not that hard to figure out~ if you really want to come, want to support it, or even see what it's all about.

I still operate The Wild Fern completely on my own, also am the Mother of a Teenager, a Musician, & I can only do SO MUCH & being Open 7 Days a Week & having a staff in these difficult times would only shut the doors faster than the Town's opinion of me travels the Town! =)

So with each Day that The Door remains Open, I will continue to: TO BE ME!!! AND:

Give Thanks to Each of You & the moment a new face, a new friend, a new passerby decides to walk through the door, I will greet you warmly, affectionately & happily.
Hugs are entirely free.

I've made Friends with new faces over this Year & without The Fern, I would never have become aquainted with these really wonderful & beautiful People that are now a part of my Life.

From my Heart to your Heart, Thank You. 

Happy Thanksgivukkah!!

Peace & Luv,
Heather Lynne & The Wild Fern

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Time, Wisdom & Yoga Jogs~

The other night, I was asked how in the world do I still practice yoga & run?

I had to think about this. For like, 6 months, because I didn't really know.

In my 20's I didn't know much. I thought I did, like all the kids do, I thought I knew what was important, but looking back, nope, I didn't. I was constantly in a hurry. To do what? Nothing more important than having fun!

Then the 30's came along, adulthood kicked in with marriage, baby, house, the "american dream thing". The "grown up" thing, & the eventual "crash" (divorce) of the "american dream " & I thought I knew a little more.
I did. But there was plenty I didn't.

Having a baby was monumental though. The experience of bringing another life to the planet meant something greater than what I was able to understand at the time, & one that filled my heart with a ton of joy.

And there was a mystical force, one I couldn't see, definitely couldn't explain, but wove the hardships of a changing life & an evolving me.

I began studying Yoga in my 6th month of pregnancy. I was 30 years old. 
The philosophies are many, the postures are way too many ;), but all appealed to me. A sound resonated in my heart & shoved me smack dab into a quest for answers to deeper questions.
Would I ever be able to master it? 
No way, I just knew that I had found a path that was suitable for me.

Explain spirtual.
You can't. Really.
For every person has their own spiritual nature that's totally & completely who they are & is individually defined in the manner by which they live their own lives.
Sure, you can look up the word in the dictionary, & find a general meaning. But I think the true definition lies solely in the individual.

So life is busy, right?

Well, the difference from 20 years old to 43.5 years old, is that, Time has a new meaning, or rather a more clear meaning to me now.
I make time in my 40's.
I make time work with & for me. There are days when I don't have enough hours, but I try to make the best of what I do have & save the rest for the next day.

So where does yoga & running fit in? 
I make time for it.

I believe in it.

Why? Because eventually I noticed a difference in my personal life of growth, health, understanding, wisdom & attitude & that difference creates & makes the opportunities that I am living right now & allows me to get much done in a short amount of time.

Yoga brings calmness to my hyped up personality. I'm a redhead people. For real.
Yoga brings awareness & deeper understanding of the complexities that constantly surround me in daily life. It brings physical strength in order for me to be on my feet sometimes 16 hours at a time in the kitchen & then go out & play some rock & roll bass for our band, Rick Redington & The Luv, as well as get up in the morning & get a kid off to school!

Running, brings me closer to nature & meditation. Each day that I run, whether its raining, sunny, cold, humid or hot, icy, windy or even sleet! I find great joy in just being outside for those moments, & had I not been running, I may have missed.  Who really wants to miss out on joy? Not really anyone. And, Breathing in fresh air opens my mind & makes me think clearer. I see the changes that nature goes through on a daily basis & it reminds me of the changes I make on a daily basis.
Oftentimes, the combination of yoga & running, puts those life complexities into a more understandable perspective for me as I have time to not think as I practice both.

I don't really have a choice anymore when it comes to yoga joggin. Its like breathing, Either I am breathing or I am not & if I am not? Need I explain more?

But that's the how & why I do it.   

PLUS: I got these shoes in March after a tax return & ditched the 14 year old once blue sueded merrills & sometimes I float down my Stony Brook Road in these sweet rides =) 

Ps. its a great day to check out an espresso maker!