Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rock & Roll

Officially Overwhelmed=

two weeks of rock & roll restaurant exhaustion touched by nervous wondering over impending storm with sounds of phone ringing surprising dread over news of unexpected early delivery of 2 cords wood tomorrow morning while arranging a return ride from unavoidable also tomorrow morning dropoff of UNinspectable 1996 Honda in South Royalton knowing the bank account needs to be opened for the restaurant at some point tomorrow & the kid needs picked up before high winds sweep her away & her fear consumes the best of her while carving pumpkins.

& in the midst of it, wishing to pay tribute & feeling tremendously special gratitude & not enough time in the day or night to convey it to a few friends who contribute in the most beautiful ways to this Wild Endeavor called The Wild Fern.

For you, 
compliment & offer your love, care & personal passion to The Wild Fern & I am eternally grateful.

Rick Redington
The Baba Yagas
To Conor Margison(photo of fixed stool coming:)
& Jimmy, JC's Dad
Timeless Wisdom Farm for the freshest awesomest Eggs
To The Bodins, The Fern Photo Haiku & Honey
To The Building Owners Terry & Don

& To The Kids & Their Willing Friends(get away from the road)

Its a sweet life.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In Fairness to You & The Wild Fern =)

The Wild Fern is very intimate, very cozy, very friendly & we feel strongly that once you give us a chance, you'll feel all the wonderful things we feel about it! =) 

With that in mind as I head into the 6th week of Business its been permitted that everyone can bring their own alcohol & such without having a fee for these weeks. 

There are a few reasons why this is good for all of us, & a few reasons why this isn't all that good for Business!

Being that I am extremely limited in seating, my opportunities to make money are smaller than most restaurant venues.

If I were to have a Beer & Wine License I would increase my earning potential substantially.

However, it may also keep some friends & neighbors home due to the high cost of "having an evening out" in these challenging Economic Times & I would rather not have that! 

With ALL of that in Mind: 
I have decided that to make it "Fair" to both You & The Wild Fern,

The Wild Fern will now have a very common Cork Fee of $ 5.00 per Bottle of Wine Or 6 Pack of Beer, still saving you Money to come out & have fun, but also covering the cost of returnables & helping the restaurant stay open Affordably. 

I hope that Everyone will Understand & will Continue to Come & Be a Part of The Wild Fern & Eat Some Good Food & Hear Some Good Music!!! 

Thank you so much for your Patience, Patronage & Understanding,
Heather Lynne 
Cheftress, Waitress, Baketress

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy One Month Anniversary Everyone!

Friday mornings I drive up Stony Brook to my friend Suzanne's to pick up my bounty of fall goodness. 
It always come with a lovely arrangement of beautiful flowers grown by her working woman's hands. 
Recently, being a thirft store junkie too, she has surprised me with little trinkets & I feel a lot of love coming from her everytime. 
By the way, she has five amazing & talented children who she homebirthed. One, all by herself! =) 

This is her driveway that leads up to what was once a Maple Sugaring Shack. 

I love her little place!
How about the View?

The little shed where I pick it all up!

Leeks. Zinnias. Suzanne.

Guess what's for Lunch?
Yup, Potato & Leek Soup =)
& now, a moment about the Luvin Oven.
Oh, before I forget, I need to give credit to the Name of the Oven. It actually came from my Baker Partner & another Wonderful Woman, Hannah, who I love dearly & learned so much about bread from my time at Sandy's Books & Bakery with her!
I can't seem to stop feeling the Luv coming from the oven, & so I've borrowed the name from her!
I've removed one stone rack as my breads are rising so high the oven knocks them down!
Have you wondered about Croissants? If so, in my joy of creating them, I took a beginning shot of the first folds that you begin with! Its a process of many steps, & all them, to me, enjoyable!

Here, I've patted out the butter block & now will fold it in thirds & leave it to rest.
I do this three times & at the end, 81 layers of buttery & fattening deliciousness fills our bellies & reminds us of the importance of daily exercise! Which isn't a bad thing. I always say, everything in moderation. So stop with the guilt! 
Enjoy a croissant & then go for a lovely walk
wherever you are!

Bacon, Apple, Cheddar. 

This Sunday's Treat for The Brunch in All of Us. 

The Bacon.
For years I didn't eat bacon. In my quest of being healthy, thin or otherwise dumb thinking, I ignored bacon. Then one day Zoe came home & she asked me for bacon. I was like, wha? Bacon?
Daddy fed her bacon. From that moment on, my buying sprees included Bacon. Now, I have an obsession with Bacon.

How can use it? How about Bacon Hash? Well, I've heard of Corned Beef & Hash. Love it. But in thinking of Food Dishes that could become a signature of The Wild Fern, 

how about Bacon Potato Hash? complimented by local Potatoes(from you know where;)

 Da Bacon is Sizzlin. Make You Wanna Jump Jump

Please, Let me know what you think.

And so,
One Splendid Month has now passed since Opening!
Each week unveiled new ideas for what to bake, to cook, what to buy, when to be open, when to be closed, what works, what doesn't! what I can handle! what I can't!
So MUCH! & much more to COME!

It's quite a grand adventure! 
One thing I loved learning is that people everywhere are open to adventure.
It hasn't just been friends & neighbors stopping by, but people traveling from different countries, & All have stopped by to see what The Wild Fern is, what we do here, how its gonna go & giving me/us a chance!

Just stopping by to ask, to offer help, is really appreciated! & is really awesome.
I've met new friends in Stockbridge! I've met new friends from Europe!

Had people from Killington stop by
from reading the new article just written by Phill Andrews
of Cider Magazine! =)
People from New Jersey too! Yay! someone is READING!  

Anne & Pat from England!
The Baba Yaga's

The Wild Fern, tucked almost into the side of a mountain, just before the junction leading to other little Vermont towns, many whiz by & miss it.

I've grown to love it in a very short time & feel sure that Route 100 needs this little destination. 

I'm going to need your Help. 

I can't make it happen without your support!

All I ask, is that Perhaps think of
The Wild Fern & my little kitchen cafe offering:

Love Infused Food,
Freshly Made Breads, Creative Croissants, Hand Tossed Pizzas, Homemade Soups & Casseroles, Scrumptious Sandwiches, Goat's Milk Maple Peanut Butter Fudge, & Other Devilish Desserts & Good Ol'Fashioned Live Music When Possible.

Always available for Special Ordering & Mailing ;)

Please come with Patience, 
for most of the time,

This is a One Woman Show! 

I am your Baketress, 
Your Waitress, 
Your Cheftress!

I want you to feel 
you've come 
over to my house 
Something Good & Fun to Eat!

I want you to feel
Happy to Be Here. 

& Patient as I prepare Your Food!

I hope to make it worth your wait=)
Chelsea & Tucker(sister/brother) Pittsfield Vermont!

Much Love to Everyone. 
Heather Lynne

Enjoy these photos from the First Month =) 
VtMoJo Cigar Box Brunch with Rick Redington!

Gabriele and Stefan from Germany
The Notorious 3
Kool Kid from Mill River
Friday Night =)

Bongo Bob ;)

Team 12 Year Old Meghan

He's Fun!

Deep Thoughts at The Wild Fern

Cabbage ala Jim Shands

1950's Gold from Mom & Friends -)

My Guardian Angels

My Dad

My Mom

My 5th Grade Artwork

Our First Pizza Boxes

First Bag Of Whole Wheat

How do you resist?

Maya is only 15!

Apple Pastry Cookies.