Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rock & Roll

Officially Overwhelmed=

two weeks of rock & roll restaurant exhaustion touched by nervous wondering over impending storm with sounds of phone ringing surprising dread over news of unexpected early delivery of 2 cords wood tomorrow morning while arranging a return ride from unavoidable also tomorrow morning dropoff of UNinspectable 1996 Honda in South Royalton knowing the bank account needs to be opened for the restaurant at some point tomorrow & the kid needs picked up before high winds sweep her away & her fear consumes the best of her while carving pumpkins.

& in the midst of it, wishing to pay tribute & feeling tremendously special gratitude & not enough time in the day or night to convey it to a few friends who contribute in the most beautiful ways to this Wild Endeavor called The Wild Fern.

For you, 
compliment & offer your love, care & personal passion to The Wild Fern & I am eternally grateful.

Rick Redington
The Baba Yagas
To Conor Margison(photo of fixed stool coming:)
& Jimmy, JC's Dad
Timeless Wisdom Farm for the freshest awesomest Eggs
To The Bodins, The Fern Photo Haiku & Honey
To The Building Owners Terry & Don

& To The Kids & Their Willing Friends(get away from the road)

Its a sweet life.

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