Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In Fairness to You & The Wild Fern =)

The Wild Fern is very intimate, very cozy, very friendly & we feel strongly that once you give us a chance, you'll feel all the wonderful things we feel about it! =) 

With that in mind as I head into the 6th week of Business its been permitted that everyone can bring their own alcohol & such without having a fee for these weeks. 

There are a few reasons why this is good for all of us, & a few reasons why this isn't all that good for Business!

Being that I am extremely limited in seating, my opportunities to make money are smaller than most restaurant venues.

If I were to have a Beer & Wine License I would increase my earning potential substantially.

However, it may also keep some friends & neighbors home due to the high cost of "having an evening out" in these challenging Economic Times & I would rather not have that! 

With ALL of that in Mind: 
I have decided that to make it "Fair" to both You & The Wild Fern,

The Wild Fern will now have a very common Cork Fee of $ 5.00 per Bottle of Wine Or 6 Pack of Beer, still saving you Money to come out & have fun, but also covering the cost of returnables & helping the restaurant stay open Affordably. 

I hope that Everyone will Understand & will Continue to Come & Be a Part of The Wild Fern & Eat Some Good Food & Hear Some Good Music!!! 

Thank you so much for your Patience, Patronage & Understanding,
Heather Lynne 
Cheftress, Waitress, Baketress

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