Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Wild Fern & Lily

Each week I tell you all how thankful I am. Perhaps you get tired of hearing it? I'm not sure, but it's the very truth of the matter.
I can't thank you enough.

This week the my Gratitude extends through feeling Good Fortune.      

And this week Lily came to me. It began last Saturday when she stopped by to get a croissant.

She offered herself as a volunteer in exchange for "lessons" in the kitchen. 
Well, the next morning was Sunday & I was baking croissants(the very thing she wanted to learn about) & thought about calling her, but felt it would be too obnoxious of me to call so early & ask her to come in. So I didn't.

In the few weeks since opening, many have volunteered their help. I haven't taken anyone up on it for a few reasons. Mostly, because I needed to just make this happen on my own.

So a few days pass & then I receive an email from Lily calling me out on not calling her to help! =) & if I didn't need her, she would be leaving Vermont sooner. I emailed her back & told her what I needed most was a dishwasher on Friday night, not the glorious of jobs, & one that not really anyone wants to do, but if she was willing, then we could talk about the next few days in the kitchen.

She came, & fit right in Friday night. Immediately took over the dishes & I didn't have to tell her how important cleanliness was, especially on glassware & silverware ;)

Friday night ended & I dropped her off & left it at, she could give me a call the next day if she wanted to come in, & I would be there by 8am.

I arrived 6 minutes late on Saturday morning & there on my back stoop on the cold sunny morning, was Lily reading & waiting on me.
She rode her bike & it was chilly & I was totally convinced that she was my kitchen angel. 

Chocolate Hazelnut Croissants

Over the weekend this sweet girl shadowed me in the most natural unassuming way.

We went to work on everything, from bagels to gluten free pizza
dough, croissants, cupcakes, frosting, cookies, eggs,  bread, soup.

She worked side by side with me devouring kitchen talk & was always 5 steps ahead of me backing me up, picking up where I left off, doing dishes, putting them away, & all the while reading various assortment of cookbooks, asking questions, & both of us learning about the other's life.

Lily worked with me all day on Saturday till 5:30 & as I took her home, I could tell she was tired. I told her to take it easy & not to worry about Sunday.

Well, as you may have guessed, Sunday morning I arrived & minutes later the phone rang. It was Lily requesting to come in & began Sunday Brunch with me =)

It was pure Kitchen Magic & I'm pretty sure she is My Kitchen Angel.

& her Humor is Much Like My Own ;)

Lily & My Creations 
for this Most Spectacular Weekend =)
& more to come on that!

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