Thursday, November 22, 2012


As The Wild Fern continues to grow,
Friendships both old & new are sprouting up in this tiny little kitchen bakery near the junctions of Route 100 & 107 opening only a short 11 weeks ago!

So too does my heart!

Somedays I could swear the lil'ol thing could burst!
Its fun! It's scary! It's uncertain!
                      It's unbelievable!

~ all of it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank You for coming here these weeks!

ps. forgive me if I don't have a shot of you!

Honey Comb Candy, yum! 

Creole Gumbo YaYa!

Sweet William!

oh yeah.

Second Gluten Free Pizza, Breakfast Style =)

The Baba Yagas

Sweet Orin

 takin notes ? =)

Sweet Life!

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