Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sister Hood

 I was able to stall the tears today, but they were running down my cheeks by the time I pulled out of the parking lot at The Wild Fern this afternoon & my long time pal Frank, looked upon me & if dogs could cry, I'm pretty certain tears would've escaped him too.

 And so A Baker's Tale of Kitchen Fairies & Long Lost Sisters & all the Beautiful Luxurious Doughs, The Kitchen Talk & The "Delicious" Sweets in between, came to "The End" today.

Or rather, shall I dare say, this chapter closed & a new chapter begins?

She left me $$ I paid HER!

Words, words, words. The world is full of words, sometimes over use of words, sometimes unnecessary spoken words, sometimes much needed words are uttered in the most wonderful of moments & at times, no words are needed at all.

With those thoughts in mind, finding the worded meaning behind the last two weeks &
particularly today at The Wild Fern, I struggle to put it into a readable story, for there aren't really enough words......

But Allow me to give it a shot:

Lily's First Croissant Action
Over the years I've made plenty of friends. Some have stayed with me, some voluntarily left, some passed on, some come & go on a regular basis, & some I see once to every few years.

All of them I keep in my heart with memories that could fill a giant book, laughter that comes in unexpected & often timely moments, once in awhile a tear, but always, always, remembered.

When Lily strolled into The Wild Fern just as November rolled over the calendar, an immediate friendship sprouted that very day.
She wanted to learn how to make Croissants.

In my world,
that means some serious sisterhood PeopleI found a comrade who loves Croissants as much I do! Someone wanted to learn what I was doing! & as I told her from the very beginning,

I am a Home Schooled Baker Cheftress who doesn't really know
much, but what I know, I'll share!

And she moved in just like that. Into my kitchen & into my home & couldn't have been a more perfect roommate in both living spaces. She was the best roomie in the 20 plus years I've been living on my own! No offense to anyone out there who may read this =) But its TRUE! LILY ROCKS! 

Her Family in Italy can be very proud of their Girl!

After Creole Celebration Night!

And before I knew it, she became a Great Friend to hang out with watching Audrey Hepburn movies, flopping on my oh so cozy $50 couch, eating popcorn, devouring shrimp over our Creole Celebration Weekend, eating "Delicious" Chocolate Brownies(thanks Alison=), making Pasta, frying Churros, practicing Yoga & discussing every avenue of Baking Ideas over Coffee. 

And though she is a Vegetarian, she even deboned The Turkey with me =)

As she left today from the Wild Fern, I told her I felt like I had just taken a much needed internal vacation these past weeks & learned a valuable lesson since she moved in, to slow down.
It was a great Lesson to learn. 

She's 19 & I'm 42 btw, & it wasn't all about me teaching her. 

It was All About, 

A Sister Hood Made In The Kitchen. 

My Awesome Girls, Lily & Zoe on Pasta Making =)

And so speaking of Sister Hood,                   

Our day at The Wild Fern also included another Sister, Cathy, who is fastly approaching her very own path unto Mother Hood. 

And I am most fortunate to be her Friend & Fellow Sister & to have the Most Cherished Honor of photographing her Gorgeous Baby Belly! 

At first, I wasn't sure how I would make time to do this. It took not more than speaking the words of, "I will try to make time" to Cathy to realize as I typed it, that of course I would have time. 

Cathy & Dawn, her Doula =) 

There is no way I want to pass by on this memorable opportunity to be a part of making her Belly a cherished Memory. 

Baby Bellies are absolutely one of the most amazing sights I've ever seen. Having now photographed three of my Friends, each Belly is different & each Belly is Extraordinary. 

You can only view these two photos though. 
Cathy hasn't seen them yet! 

So with that, 
Tuesday was a Poetic, Sentimental & Deeply Emotional Day at The Wild Fern! 

Thank You Lily, Cathy & Dawn for sharing the day with me! I love you LADIES!! 

sending our first overnight cake to Portland Maine =) 

                                                   New Creation for Pallet Sensation: Peanut Butter Honey Comb Pie =)

Now Everyone, 

Come TO The Wild Fern Today for Bagels & Pizza!

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