Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crew of Ithaca Friends, Christmas Gifts & Gluten Free!

Its just damn good, I tell ya.

And behind the scenes,
In my delighted & overwhelming thrill to make Pasta for Italian Night I did make a mistake & had to make MORE pasta. 
Thankfully, a Black River Produce man came in & we chatted & I realized that my sweet little nests of pasta I was so proud of were clumped together in a sticky undried mess. 
All was not lost & Zoe's dance was cancelled that night & I had the time to redo ALL OF IT! All of IT. YES, All OF IT.

In the End, The Spaghetti & Meatballs were gone within the first 2 hours of business Friday Night, the Wild Fern was standing room only for Pizza Luvers, & everyone that tried the Salami Dolce smiled yummily & the Vibe in the Room continues to be damn good.

And, there are plenty of fine folks that play a great part in making that Vibe happen. 

The Music of The Baba Yagas on Friday Nights is one part of that vibe wonderfulness for me.

The Trio is soulful, earthy, old'timey, with melodic harmonies that both vocally & instrumentally reach through my skin surrounding my heart in sheer goosebumps & filling my ears with soul candy. The musicians, are truly some of the finest players I've ever heard. 

& they play right here in Stockbridge for me, you & anyone else coming through the Wild Fern doors on Friday Night. 

Let's talk about The Luv coming from Ithaca, New York.    
Some eight years ago I was introduced to Bubba & Sharon in a parking lot in a little tiny Camper full of dogs, & back in the day of Rick Redington & The Luv Machine & The Clear River Tavern. 

Like many of our friends, they too were first Fans of RR's music. As the years roll along, Fanship (is this another word I made up;) has turned into Friendship.

The crew of people of friends Rick & I have met over the years are really great human beings sharing a lot of love, great conversation, great food, great music & overall great times with us both at The Hacienda which is their home, Ithaca venues, the Grassroots Festival & Rabbit Run;) & everywhere in between!
& now on our own land......

Rick Redington & The Luv are some lucky, well,
ya know.
rhymes with ...............

Who knew that many years later, Bubba & Sharon & a Caravan of Ithaca Friends would trek to Vermont to spend a weekend Celebrating A Birthday & Supporting The Wild Fern in our Home State of Vermont.

That my friends, is Dedication & Devotion
From the very wholeness of my Heart, I thank each & every one of you coming this weekend & giving ME the chance to cook & bake for YOU, this time!
It felt damn good. 

And the End Note, 

I'd like to Invite You To Stop At  

The Wild Fern For A Few of Your Holiday Season Special Gifts!

I will be Baking Challah on Fridays & whipping up Chocolate Deliciousness like Salami Dolce, Cappachino Cupcakes & Other Chocolates & Cookies & are available in pretty little bags for Gift Giving!

Gluten Free? 

I have a lovelingly Sweet White Chocolate 

Cranberry Bliss Bar Cookie that is sure to Indulge Your Gluten Free Loved One!

& atlast,

I have a Gluten Free Pizza Dough 
& Bread to Offer! 

Hope to see you soon!
Gift Certificates too!

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