Thursday, November 21, 2013

Time, Wisdom & Yoga Jogs~

The other night, I was asked how in the world do I still practice yoga & run?

I had to think about this. For like, 6 months, because I didn't really know.

In my 20's I didn't know much. I thought I did, like all the kids do, I thought I knew what was important, but looking back, nope, I didn't. I was constantly in a hurry. To do what? Nothing more important than having fun!

Then the 30's came along, adulthood kicked in with marriage, baby, house, the "american dream thing". The "grown up" thing, & the eventual "crash" (divorce) of the "american dream " & I thought I knew a little more.
I did. But there was plenty I didn't.

Having a baby was monumental though. The experience of bringing another life to the planet meant something greater than what I was able to understand at the time, & one that filled my heart with a ton of joy.

And there was a mystical force, one I couldn't see, definitely couldn't explain, but wove the hardships of a changing life & an evolving me.

I began studying Yoga in my 6th month of pregnancy. I was 30 years old. 
The philosophies are many, the postures are way too many ;), but all appealed to me. A sound resonated in my heart & shoved me smack dab into a quest for answers to deeper questions.
Would I ever be able to master it? 
No way, I just knew that I had found a path that was suitable for me.

Explain spirtual.
You can't. Really.
For every person has their own spiritual nature that's totally & completely who they are & is individually defined in the manner by which they live their own lives.
Sure, you can look up the word in the dictionary, & find a general meaning. But I think the true definition lies solely in the individual.

So life is busy, right?

Well, the difference from 20 years old to 43.5 years old, is that, Time has a new meaning, or rather a more clear meaning to me now.
I make time in my 40's.
I make time work with & for me. There are days when I don't have enough hours, but I try to make the best of what I do have & save the rest for the next day.

So where does yoga & running fit in? 
I make time for it.

I believe in it.

Why? Because eventually I noticed a difference in my personal life of growth, health, understanding, wisdom & attitude & that difference creates & makes the opportunities that I am living right now & allows me to get much done in a short amount of time.

Yoga brings calmness to my hyped up personality. I'm a redhead people. For real.
Yoga brings awareness & deeper understanding of the complexities that constantly surround me in daily life. It brings physical strength in order for me to be on my feet sometimes 16 hours at a time in the kitchen & then go out & play some rock & roll bass for our band, Rick Redington & The Luv, as well as get up in the morning & get a kid off to school!

Running, brings me closer to nature & meditation. Each day that I run, whether its raining, sunny, cold, humid or hot, icy, windy or even sleet! I find great joy in just being outside for those moments, & had I not been running, I may have missed.  Who really wants to miss out on joy? Not really anyone. And, Breathing in fresh air opens my mind & makes me think clearer. I see the changes that nature goes through on a daily basis & it reminds me of the changes I make on a daily basis.
Oftentimes, the combination of yoga & running, puts those life complexities into a more understandable perspective for me as I have time to not think as I practice both.

I don't really have a choice anymore when it comes to yoga joggin. Its like breathing, Either I am breathing or I am not & if I am not? Need I explain more?

But that's the how & why I do it.   

PLUS: I got these shoes in March after a tax return & ditched the 14 year old once blue sueded merrills & sometimes I float down my Stony Brook Road in these sweet rides =) 

Ps. its a great day to check out an espresso maker! 

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