Monday, August 20, 2012

The Wild Fern Presents: The Wild Fern!

OK OK Ok OK! OK!!! 

Someone said its all about timing. 

What the heck does that mean????? When IS the "right" time? 

& Who REALLY knows????

But Here We Go! 

The Wild Fern LLC 


The Wild Fern!!

I decided to open a restaurant aside from making menu decisions & getting licenses, LLC & such, what about coming up with a Sign?

One night Zoe was cleaning her room, or pretending to be anyway, & I was feeling antsy. I didn't have anything in mind other than the name of the place when I got out the mish mash collection of salvaged paint mistakes.
I started painting the name & this is what I came up with.

   A few days later I continued with my obsession & tried this out. 
I really liked the yellow in this one. 

I'm not claiming to be good at it people!!
I'm just having fun! 
& who doesn't want to have fun?? 

I seemed to have a theme going now.
But I don't know. 
People ask you what you want your sign to look like? 
Awesome? Inviting? Classy? Friendly? 
Not cheesy for sure.
Any & all of those work. 
The cheesy one is big, I'm not exactly a sign maker, not really a painter, 
I'm just trying to get something going with what things 
I have at my disposal but I don't want it 
to look ridiculous either. 

Now if it does & I'm sure it will to some,
I decided that ultimately everyone has an opinion. AND~
we all know about those~

So anyhoo, 
the pallets are scrap wood that cost a grand total of, get ready...........

There are tools like drills & things that 
I probably need to hang it up which I don't own. 
Not to mention,
for years(my whole life that is) I get screwdrivers(unless its a mixed drink;) 
& flatheads confused. 

My Partners In All Things Fun & Wonderful Came To My Rescue.

 Rick sported his crafty Tool Guy Look with his Assistant Ben & the two of them 
got the job done!

one would think he works & drinks for Long Trail, but no, he does not =)         


notice the ease at which the kid holds the drill. The Young Redington Wonder is also a mighty fine bassist at the mere age of 12 & also hits the drums with no fear & tremendous rhythm. Much like his Fathaaaa!   

we will soon post our first homemade commercial to demonstrate his talents!

father & son checking out their handy work. 

Then we set up the drum kit to test acoustics in the room, & decided to not have them ;) 
so instead, 
we put the drums & Ben(kids are amazing promo material;) in the front of the restaurant 
& he banged away for 2+ hours into the beautiful sunset 
while passersby honked & he counted them 
Mr.Aldridge(apology if misspelled;) who was
dressed to the Nines & had just repeated his
 60th anniversary wedding vows to his beloved 
Wife, stopped to check out what was going on
& tell us he can't wait!

We took that as a great sign for what's to come!


We even figured out that magic lights come on with darkness. 
Pure Genius.

So with that, 
it is a rather large 
Hope & Desire
will stop by
The Wild Fern 
at some point on another! 

Peace & Luv~

Heather ;)

PS. Its also one day after My Sweet Mama's 65th Birthday, August 19.
Happy Birthday Again Mama!
I love you!

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