Sunday, July 29, 2012

In The Test Kitchen!

   Monday evening brought together two of my faVorite friends, 
Miss Zoe Fern & Miss Emma Bean 
in my home kitchen 
to sample what is hopefully going to be a signature 
Veggie Burger. 

 Did you say Eggplant? Wha? Yes, I've never used eggplant in a veggie burger, its true. Tonight, thinking that two precocious judgmental turn your nose up at the idea, 12 year olds would be just what the chef ordered, proved to be an excellent choice.
I finished it with a freshly made salsa of scapes & cilantro from my own garden beds & red onions & tomato from a kind grocery store. =) & also a spicy brown mustard just to see which tasted better. 
The salsa won over Emma
& the brown mustard took Zoe.
I like both. 


It was a hit I am so happy to report!
The Wild Fern Veggie Burger 
was cooked.

~Luv From My Kitchen to Yours~

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