Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Wild Fern Story

I like porches, music, food, pictures, art, river roads, dogs, kids, & ferns. =)
I play bass with one heck of an awesome dude! named Rick Redington &
I make food for one heck of a lady, Miss Sandy Lincoln of Sandy's Books & Bakery. =) 

I've decided to open a little eatery in Stockbridge Vermont that will focus on homegrown food from people in our neighborhood, all home cooked in the kitchen. 
It will also be a place where we can play our music any ol'way we like it.

In arriving to The Wild Fern, I considered many names.  I don't want to mention them, just in case you should like them better!!! =) 
two Friday's ago I was driving home from Rutland with my daughter Zoe & my daughter from another Mother, Maya;) & I was obsessing(no, really?) about the name as we were approaching the building. Just about at once, Maya & I both said, Fern. We knew that was it.
I quickly added Wild, it felt right.
& Fern, just so happens to be my beautiful baby girl Zoe's middle name(alright, fine. I guess she's not a baby;) & Maya & I will of course argue about who actually said it first.(I thought of it first Maya;) 

                                              photo by good friend Miss Robin Goodwin ;)

And So Anyhoo, It Is,



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  1. May I be your inpiration to update this blog!!!!!