Monday, July 9, 2012

I've Fallen In Love With Italian

Last Saturday June 30, I got to be inside The Wild Fern & begin working. I went inside & the first thing I did was put in the cd that came with $1 cookbook, it's Italian. It was very exciting.

I looked around, & smiled. I was in the moment. ;) & the music was so good.

I brought flowers from home & put them on the tables. I began to sweep.

I started painting things white again, & it just felt good. Then I needed to mix up my painting experience, so I made a chalkboard wall for the kitchen. It was really smart as I looked back at it =)

I was feeling like I needed to be with my family & one of them, Zoe was in PA with her Dad's family reunion & I missed her, & the rest of my family The Redingtons were getting ready to go to Maya's play. I hedged that day of not returning to Rutland, cuz its a long drive! haha! & cost gas! But, the strings in my heart tugged & I excitedly headed back down Rte 100 to meet up with the Boys!

I'm so happy I did. I cried just about 3/4 of the way through Jacob Patorti's very first Original Play, Simple Heart, the play was about his Grandmother, Angeline & she was Italian too! Oh my word. Remember I put in the music from the cookbook at the beginning? That sent shivers up my arms. Ha! wow. 
Remarkable work. Bravo Jacob, Rick's nephew of a mere 22(I think;) years.

& Did I mention, the music? Holy crap. This Lady, Laura Cortese & her band were more than amazing. Their performance was moving, chilling, inspiring & thrilling & it perfectly complimented the beautiful love story of Angeline.

This is Laura.

But this beauty, is my girl Maya Redington.

                      The rest are photos that I took in the moments in between the tears & sobs that still evoke emotion in me when I flip through them.

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