Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jedi Powers

So how do you stock a restaurant without a business loan? 
You do it the old fashioned way. 

On a Wing & a Prayer? 

No, on a string, no budget & with Jedi Powers.

Hmmm, well, yes, there's some equipment that I can use. As I've made my decisions, the owners Don & Terry have been supportive, advising & gracious & the last person who was cooking food there, Bill Campbell who own's Toziers just down the road has been more than helpful & generous by offering me advice, two pieces of his equipment & all around good attitude.

The Tropical Storm Irene unfortunately took a nice dishwasher & a charbroil grill that were in storage. My friend Michael Bulkowski says, the dishwasher is no big deal. We'll see about that when he comes to visit & I put him on dish duty =) 

My love & affection for thrift stores of any hue often turns up a few great finds. It's like, this Jedi power that I have & its super I tell ya. 

I'm not really sure how this will go, & I don't know what I"m looking for until I find it(Jedi) but there lends a certain satisfaction to the whole game of thrift storing that rarely is driving by one & not stopping an option.... for most that I know these days. 

I think its over taking us, & why not? there are worse things out there.

In keeping with The Muse, these are some of the treasures that have unveiled themselves.

Craig's List, Bethel Vermont, after driving around, walking around the unknown's person's house, not owning a cell phone for directions. Jedi led the way & I bought these. Pretty Vermonty. Imagine eating soup from them.  

Kyle's yard rubbuge, free, soon to be a baker's companion for things that hang =)

Rutland's Salvation Army & Bethel VT Tag         Sale

Randolph VT Thift Store~notice the juicer's,  Excellent Find.

Bethel VT's newest Thrift Store Lauri's

Rutland Discount Foods~ because I love this movie & I love Rick ;)

Lauri'sThrift Store Bethel VT

Lauri's again =) 

Tag Sale, the sign read: "everything must go by Sunday" after wondering where exactly I was driving off to on the back roads of Bethel, I arrived & found a few nice treasures & had a great chat with the son-in-law. 

love this one! Randolph VT

 Tag Sale~another sweet score, right?

Randolph Strikes Again.

Love these bowls~you little hot spot Randolph.

Meat Tenderizer? Sweet Find, Randolph VT

You can see, The Thrift Store Muse is in the House!

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