Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here We Go!

& so the first week happlily concluded with Sunday Brunch!
For your, or maybe it was indeed my own, Belly's pleasure, I made Baked Stuffed French Toast with Cream Cheese & Carmelized Apples with Lemon Zest & Cinnamon to finish!

Our second couple of the day coming from Grafton Vermont, sat at the table with the Cleveland Ohio salt & pepper shakers & luckily enough, were the type who sprinkled their salt into their hand before dotting the food. Well, Good thing, as the Salt came pouring forth & I can imagine their experience may not have proved pleasant had I had to re-bake!

Luckily what the Gentleman could convey to me was his delight, & how wonderful he thought the French Toast was! He wondered where I ever got the idea, & that in all his years, he's never eaten Cream Cheese with French Toast & neither had it been baked.

And though I served all but the two I brought home for Monday's dinner;) his compliment highlighted the whole day. Oh, well, plus, the fact that a Teen Ager, Miss Payton, really liked my Zucchini Parm Sandwich. 

I always love the Kid Approvel Stamp!
                                                                             And so I'm feeling very grateful.

Grateful for the Beautiful Wonderful Food that has been Bartered, Bought, Given & Traded.   

Grateful for the Support of Everyone! From Practice The Dough Weeked, The Opening Morning, The Music, The Special Bagel Order, The Bagel Buyers, Everything!

Enjoy Our First Glimpse of 
The Wild Fern!!

                                                                                                                                                            Thank you Everyone for Coming Out This Week! Your Support Means More Than Than I Can Say!!

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