Friday, September 28, 2012

The Wild Fern & Me on Hours of Business =)

Most people have now asked me the Ultimate Question. "What are your Hours?" 

Well, the hours thus far, have remained the same, consistent & open to everyone having an opportunity to stop in & see what's happening, listen to me share what The Wild Fern is all about & also understand that it's just ME working most of the time, trying to create & offer something new for Stockbridge & surrounding neighbors & friends. 

What is clearly written at the moment, but surely subject to change if needed;) is that I am Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays~ so that I can regain the essential balance within myself that it takes to make all of this happen!  

As I unveil both what our People would like to see & what I can humanly manage with time, I have not posted my Hours for a specific reason though they've been consistent. 

& while to some, the Hours may be confusing or hard to remember, Please Keep in Mind, that this is new to All of Us & The Wild Fern is not by any means what you've traditionally seen in a Restaurant, Cafe or even Bakery with a Full Staff of people Working.
It's basically Just Me, until I/We/You can afford for me to hire other friends to 
Help Spread Some Luv in Stockbridge & Beyond!!
& So, it will take Time for You to come to know what I have to Offer YOU on the various Days of Business. 

 I try my hardest to keep YOU informed with this Blog & with Facebook. I am trying to take pictures so that you can see the Food I am Baking with, Preparing & even Buying & even what Our Music is All About. 

I'm trying something new in this tiny little place that has traditionally been known to be a Diner. I love Diners, by the way! However, I have a strong & thriving passion for Baking! So I am trying to offer our community something we don't

 have with FOOD ranging from Fresh Bread, Croissants, Bagels, Pizza, Italian, Mexican, Cookies, Cupcakes, Pies etc, etc, that Our People have in the past had to drive to farther places than just down the road from their homes to BUY & also feed a big corporation that doesn't have their Best Interests At Heart, but also costs them MUCH MONEY in Fuel to even get there. 

It also presents a new aspect of "buying local" 

We have so many wonderful growers in our Community that need a lil'love themselves to make their Growing Experience produce them an HONEST Living. 
Stony Brook Road itself, has atleast three Grower Families trying to offer Everyone some Homegrown Goodness ranging from Garlic to Eggs! 

Wouldn't it be Wonderful to also be able to buy much of our needed produce from these Friends? Where we knew how the food was grown? How it was lovingly taken care of? & Also, how we could help Support them Making a Living doing something Worthwhile for both themselves & for us? 

What if by next Summer, Stockbridge had its Very Own Farmer's Market? 
Think of the gas you'd save. Think of how great you would feel by eating something so Local to your own home. 

Think of how you'd be helping out a Neighbor or Friend.

So My Hours of Business Through Foliage:

Wednesday: Breakfast 8am-11:30am & Pizza Night- 4pm-8pm Good for Take Out Too!
Thursday: Breakfast: 8am-11:30am Thru Foliage: Open till 1pm for Light Lunch

Friday: Dinner & Pizza 5pm-9pm, Pizza Slices & Music with Rick Redington ala Luv till 10pm
Saturday: Breakfast & Light Lunch 9am-2pm
Sunday: Cigar Box Brunch thru Foliage 11am-2pm Music noon-2pm 

Hope to see you on One Of These Days! =) 

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