Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wild Summer of 2014!

Dear Wild Fern Friends,

Firstly Happy Father's Day to my Dad, Bob DeSteven! Thank you for all the Years of Love and Great Wisdom!!! 

As many of you know The Wild Fern is only open two Very Specific Days a week right now. As I continue to juggle a full time career of being a Mother, A Musician and pursuing my Love of Cooking in The Kitchen, I continue to hope for your support and understanding, your patience and your friendship, and I would like you to know how thankful I am for each and every one of you that steps foot into this tiny little place in Stockbridge, Vermont and gives me and my cohorts a Chance!!

It has been a long time since updating this Blog ;) and I'd like to Announce and keep you informed of The Special Happenings at The Fern!

Throughout the Summer I will be Opening for Special Saturday and Sunday Brunches and will be
letting you all know through the Events Page on facebook and word of mouth! 

Coming June 27 from Ashville, North Carolina, I am totally stoked to Present to you, Pierce Edens and The Dirty Work!  

Pierce Edens, his song writing, storytelling and musical stylings are reminiscent of his Appalachian roots, his vocals of a Tom Waites hue colored by a jazzy baritone canter, and bring it all together as a young teenager steeped in punk and grunge and you have Pierce Edens and his band The Dirty Work and you should Prepare to Come Join The Tomfoolery, Boot Scootin, and Rip Roarin Time we are about to have!

Since opening The Wild Fern I have made many new and wonderful people, and have deepened older friendships and many of the new ones have quickly become great friends to me and there have been plenty of times I wonder what I would do without all of them.

The Kopicki Family for one. Not only did I not know them, All 5 of them have become great friends to me and they happily and excitedly take over my Pizza duties on Wednesdays Evenings when I have a gig to play and Matt is also helping me to fix kitchen problems and between both him and Dana, they keep me good humor!

The Pfeil Family who I've known for many years and have watched their children grow, and have become even better friends since opening The Fern! Mike comes in on Fridays and rules The Fern Kitchen with Grace his daughter, when I have gigs! I often confer with Mike on business and kitchen ideas as well and place great value on his input!

There's Rick Redington. This guy who is my friend, my partner, my lover, my mentor, and who continuously pushes me, inspires me and supports me, he also takes over The Pizza Slinging and polishes his mutual Love for Pizza on evenings when I have commitments and gives people his own Wild Fern Experience!

Then there is my Strong, Beautiful, Talented & Wonderful Team of TeenAgers!
Izzy Fielder, Grace Pfeil, Zoe McFadden, Maya Redington, Ben Redington, Emma Labadie, Ameila Travers and all of the rest that express interest in coming in and learning about Dough and Pizza Making! These Kids show leadership, intelligence, graciousness, class, and are all becoming Exceptional Young Adults who I am quite thrilled to have in my life both at home, at The Fern and on Stage!

All of these Great People combine to carry forth the idea of creating a Community Atmosphere where Friends both Old and New and of all sorts of Ages, can feel Welcome and be fed Very Lovingly Created Pizzas, Breads, Bagels, Cookies and the list could go on and on! 

With all of this said, Happy Summer, Happy Father's Day and Let's Have One of The Best Summers Ever!!!  

from me and The Wild Fern Staff! 
Ps. Rick Redington and The Luv have one of The Best Summers Booked and we Cannot wait to Play Music for All of You!! 
Please Check out The Gig Schedule! We will be playing with some other Pretty Sweet Bands too! (such as, Lukas Nelson and The Promise of the Real =) 
This Friday, The Wild Fern will be Closed while RR & The Luv take The Stage at The Jackson Gore Summer Music Series! 

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