Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break at The Wild Fern~

Dear Friends~

Talk about a sweet Winter, right?!?! 

Having opened just before stick season & snow falling, probably wasn't the best time of the year to begin a business many have said!
But, well, I don't always listen ;) & ain't that a good thing?

& so I feel,
What an excellent beginning! I'm glad I did it.
Your patience, kindness, generosity, understanding & support helped to create a truly wonderful Wild Fern opening!

I wish to Thank Everyone for believing in me & coming to spend your hard earned money at the Wild Fern whether it was on a cup of coffee, a cookie, a loaf of bread, a Pizza or Italian Night!

The folks who have participated in The CSB have also helped to build a more sustainable cafe in our town & my gratiude is immense. These funds go directly to the many costs it takes to be open & my focus remains simple & delicious,  using as much Local Sourcing of Vegetables, Eggs, Flours, Meat, all when possible!

I just used the first 2 months of  The CSB funds to pay the propane bill! whoo!!! hoO!!!

So Thank YOU thank YOU Thank YOU for BUYING MY BREADS!!!   

& so now, as Winter fades away & Spring peeps, there are many things for me to think about as I approach a new season of business. 

With this is mind,
I would like to annouce

The Wild Fern Spring Break~

During this break, The Wild Fern WILL remain Open one Day a Week( TBD) for Bread/Bagel Orders, PickUp & Questions in general.
I will be working on in store projects, new hours & new ideas in preparation of the coming Summer Months.

We will be Promoting our Re-Opening for the first week of May, so please stay with me & check our facebook =)

Our last regular day of business before the Break will be Sunday April 14th!

We will be celebrating our 6th Month Anniversary that weekend with a Special Vt MoJo Cigar Box Guitar Raffle Handmade by Sir Redington himself on Friday Night April 12 & will Release Rick Redington's First Cigar Box Guitar Album! 

Raffle tickets will be for sale beginning this Friday, March 29!  

Please feel free to send me an email or stop by on designated Day of Business for The Spring Break with any questions or concerns.

We hope for your continued Understanding & Support & Look Forward to Sharing an Excellent Summer with you!

Peace & Luv,
All of Us At The Wild Fern =)

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